Monday, 8 October 2012

The Eagle has Landed!

Buzz drinking from the finest Aerobility china, go to to find our merchandising site

Buzz and Jon our Chairman

Buzz meets the team

My arm rest

Mike chats to Buzz
Trevor and Buzz on the private jet en-route to Aerobility

Buzz Jet

Without the support of British Airways we couldn't have pulled off today, thank you Guys from everyone at Aerobility

Roger and the BA girls

The ATCO boys

Al Bridger and Martin Verity, Martin won the eBay auction to fly with Buzz
Buzz and Rory Underwood discussing each other's routes

It's that guy again, what's his name!

I'm going were?

James Verity hands Buzz an Aerobility T shirt and wrist band.

Buzz meets the guys at RAF Northolt
The BA team

Martin (eBay winner), Buzz and Trevor Beattie

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