Friday, 12 October 2012

Leg 74 Andrew Sayers

Depart: Las Vegas
Destination: Phoenix Via Grand Canyon
Leg Length: 3hrs

Andrew tells us about his flying experience
Flew solo on 16th birthday. After flying real aircraft, gliders, hang gliders, microlights and parachutes I down graded my licence to fly spam cans.  I have spent much of the last twelve years flying in remote parts of Scotland for the  for the Scottish Air Ambulance. 

I was seriously injured in 2002 in a chemical accident that has left me with breathing/chest/airway problems. After exposure to the chemical  I fell unconscious as the only pilot on a British Airways Express passenger flight to Fair Isle.  I eventually landed safely, albeit with a bump!  After being grounded for four years I regained a restricted medical that allowed me back into the air.

Andrew has driven nearly 600 miles from Scotland to take part in the GFSC 2012.
Some say he's mad......
Some say he doesn't sleep at night
Some say he doesn't like Scotland and couldn't wait to drive down South
................but here in Mission Control we think he's a hero:-) 

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