Friday, 12 October 2012

Leg 76 and 78 Brendan Nolan sponsored by SELEX Galileo

Leg 76 Depart: Albuquerque
Desination: Dodge City
Leg length: 2hrs 20min

Leg 77

Depart: Kansas City
Desination: Chicago
Leg length: 2hrs 45mins
Flying experience
Ex RAF Sqn Ldr
1000 hrs Tornado Navigator
Converted to pilot and flew helicopters
Chinook QHTI & QHI
Operational tours in Iraq no-fly zones, Bosnia, Gulf war 2.

Clearly Brendan was at home without a collective lever!

Pilot on Leg 78 
Alex Mitchell

Thank you SELEX Galileo for sponsoring him on two legs!

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