Thursday, 11 October 2012

James Verity tells his story about flying with Buzz and Chris

My day with Buzz Aldrin and Chris Evans
by James Verity aged 16

It was an early start on Monday 8th October, we left home for the Airport at 7:00am for what would be one of the most amazing days of my life.  As we got closer to Blackbushe Airport the weather was not looking good, we were hoping it would be better by the time we got there.
When we got to the Airport my Dad and his co-pilot Graham were constantly refreshing the weather forecast hoping that it would be good enough for us to make it back into Blackbushe.
My Dad and Graham proceeded with the flight safety checks and then I closed the door and the turbines were lit, we taxied out onto the runway and then the adventure to pick up Buzz Aldrin from Northolt Airport had begun.

 The runway was in sight and we touched down smoothly. The flight was short and only took 15 to 20 minutes. We then proceeded to the area where we would be picking up Buzz, the turbines were shut down and we got to go and meet him in the private Royal lounge, I also met the RAF squadron in the lounge.
After introducing ourselves Buzz had a quick chat to us and the RAF squad, then we showed him to our Plane,  a Citation Mustang, registration G-SSLM, I then took a few photos then we set off for Blackbushe, or at least that’s where we were hoping to end up, as that is where Aerobility is based. On the flight I took some more photos and got him to sign my book about him, I had brought along a few gifts for him as well an, Aerobility T-shirt, wrist band and pen.

The visibility at Blackbushe was terrible and because Blackbushe does not have an ILS  we had to fly into Farnborough Airport.
It was a disappointment that we didn't end up landing at Blackbushe, but no one can change the weather. As we touched down Graham said over the radio “The Eagle has landed”.
Cars came and picked us up from Farnborough and we were off to Aerobility. When we arrived I got out and opened the door for Buzz, as he stepped out the camera men (press) immediately started to take photos, (including my Mum!) all I could hear was the clicking of the shutters.
Buzz and his PA (personal assistant) walked up into the Aerobility building and were sat down in a room; Buzz was just having a quick rest whilst he was being briefed on the day’s plan. After his briefing we were heading for the simulator for our hour long flight with Buzz. During the flight Buzz was telling us that he thinks that man will get to planet Mars by 2035, he was also saying that he would like to start up his own energy drink brand, he wants to call it “BUZZ”.

After our flight with him we signed the flight log books and then my Dad had to go, but I stayed on with my mum. 
My dad donated his last hour’s fight with Buzz to Chris Evans, so that means that I got to sit the back of the simulator with Buzz Aldrin and Chris Evans. Chris was so funny, as you could imagine, he called his wife and was tweeting while Buzz was flying. I also bought Chris an Aerobility wrist band T-shirt. When our session was finished we got out, I got Chris’s auto-graph and then he spoke to some of the student pilots at Aerobility. Me and my mum spent the rest of the day helping out the Aerobility staff with some jobs. 
What a great day, best day ever. Without Aerobility I would never have met Buzz and Chris.          
AGE 16

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