Thursday, 11 October 2012

Leg 71 Ciara McGurk and co, the first, all female crew.

Depart: Klamath Falls
Destination: Reno
Leg Length: 2hrs

Flying Experience

Started flying when she was 15 (19 years ago!) been a commercial pilot since I was 21. When I was 23 I flew a small twin turboprop from the UK to some south pacific islands (it took 10 days!) - so its good practice for this trip.

She has 5,500 hours in Learjets, Gulfstreams and Falcon business jets which I flew around Europe Africa the middle east and the USA. She's currently an airline captain in France on the Jetstream 41. Has a commercial seaplane licence and has a seaplane that she's restoring through this coming winter. She did competition aerobatics when she was much younger and hopes to take it up again as my husband is a former French aerobatic champion. her daughter is nine months old and loves flying herself in our Robin to see her grandparents! (see photo!).

Paul's wondering how he's going to control his first female crew
Lorraine Taylor, Anita Neale

look..... my mums going here today!

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